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2 day course aimed at covering a range of skills that will help you keep control of your canoe in a range of conditions and paddle safely

Cost £100 per person per 2 day course based on minimum booking of four people

During the 2 days we'll cover the areas below in depth looking at a range of strokes and techniques to achieve these.

  • Equipment
  • Efficient forward paddling – Acceleration, Cruising and Knifed Strokes
  • Efficient reverse paddling – Acceleration and Control
  • Understanding Trim
  • Steering & Manoeuvring
  • Moving Sideways – Stationery and Moving
  • Turning – tight and open turns
  • Supporting and preventing a capsize
  • Poling
  • Sailing
  • Deepwater rescues
  • Self rescue
  • Towing
  • Safety

If you do not have your own equipment we can supply this at a small extra charge.

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